Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engg. is the latest branch of engineering in this modern age of technology. Its range starts from microwave oven in the kitchen and reaches up to the satellite in the space. It consists of two fields-first one is electronics, which deals with all digital and logic circuits which leads to production of computers and second one is communication engineering which deals with all types of communication liKe Telephone, Telegraphy, Radio, T.V, Satellite etc. The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has following well-equipped and advanced laboratories:

  • Digital Electronics Lab.
  • Microprocessor Lab.
  • Communication Engg. Lab.
  • Microwave Engg. Lab.
  • Electronic Devices and Circuit Lab.
  • Printed Circuit Lab.
  • E I M. Lab.
  • I E I. Lab.
  • Audio-Video Lab.
  • Television Engg. Lab.
  • Electrical Engg. Lab.
  • N.F.T.L. Lab.
During the three years of course, students of this branch study subjects like Microprocessor, Computers, Industrial Electronics, T.V Engineering, Communication System, Digital Electronics, Microwave and Radar Engineering, Power Electronics, Electronics Instrumentation etc. Students are also trained in operating and maintenance of all the sophisticated and latest equipment and machinery related to this branch.
During the diploma course, students of this branch undergo practical training in the electronic industry and its related organizations after the end of 3rd, 4th and 5th semester.
1   S. Parambir Singh Head of Dept. M. E. (Electronics & Comm. Engg.)
2   Smt. Nripjit Kaur Lecturer M. E. (Electrical Engg.)
3   S. Jaibir Singh Lecturer B. Tech. (Electronics & Comm. Engg.)
4   S. Jasminderjit Singh Lecturer M. E. (Electronics & Comm. Engg.)
5   S. Naunihal Singh Lecturer M. E. (Electronics & Comm. Engg.)
6   S. Sharnjot Singh Lecturer B. E. (Electronics & Comm. Engg.)
7   Amandeep Kaur Lecturer B. E. (Electronics & Comm. Engg.)
8   Sunny Mehta Lecturer B.E. (Electronics & Comm. Engg.)
9   Renuka Dogra Lecturer B.E (Electronics & Comm. Engg.)
10   Sumesh Mahajan Lecturer BE (Electrical Engg.)
Modern Office Practice

The course of Modern Office Practice is designed to impart training to the students in all the four main activities in every office namely, recording, classifying, computing and communicating. The department has following well-equipped labs:

  • Modern Office Equipment Lab.
  • Typing Lab.
  • Stenography Lab.
  • Computer Lab.
  • Communication Lab.

Computers and other sophisticated machines are being increasingly installed in the offices. Offices have to recruit and train better talent, and better incentives have to be offered in terms of salaries and career opportunities. Changing legal provisions and increasing social obligations have further added to the complexities of modern business office. Business owners, managers and executives require adequate, accurate and timely information to solve the complexities. They have to carry out the management process, institute office systems and procure routine supplies, design forms and documents, select office equipments, safeguard assets, maintain public relations and reduce cost of operations. The Modem Office Practice course is designed to impart training to the trainees in all the above activities so that they can efficiently handle various jobs that an office executive/supervisor, documentation executive supervisor, personal secretary is expected to perform:

  • Development of knowledge and skills of oral and written communication for handling business and office related correspondence.
  • Development of secretarial skills by-using Modern Office equipments.
  • Development of necessary expertise in handling clients.
  • Development of pleasing personality and better inter-personal relations.
  • Development of values and attitudes such as dignity of labour, punctuality, dedication, Honesty, accuracy in work, co-ordination and co-operation with colleagues.

There is an industrial professional training for six months. The students have wide scope of employment in the following work-sites:

  • Government Departments/Offices
  • Business/Commercial Organizations
  • Industrial Establishments
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Institutions
  • Railways, Airlines and other Transport undertakings
  • Banking and Insurance Organizations


1 Smt. Gurpinder Kaur Lecturer M. Com.(Business Admn.),B.Ed.
2 Smt. Nirpreet Kaur Lecturer M. Com.(Business Admn.),B.Ed.
3 Sh. Ravi Kumar Lecturer M. Com.(Business Admn.),B.Ed.
4 Poonam Sharma Lecturer M. Com.(Business Admn.),B.Ed.
Medical Lab Technology

Medical Lab Technology is an important field of medical science. It plays a precious role in total health care by diagnosis of a disease or screening of patients for some disease. Various diagnostic tests are done in clinical labs by a lab technician. Now-a-days, the whole of the patient's care depends upon these diagnostic tests. Taking this into consideration, MLT department is running a three-year diploma course, producing efficient lab technicians who are imparted complete theoretical and practical knowledge. For this purpose, the department has well-constructed and well equipped labs:

  • Microbiology Lab.
  • Haematology Lab.
  • Biochemistry Lab.
  • Histopathology Lab.
  • Anatomy and Physiology Lab
Practical and professional training at various hospitals and well-established clinical labs is provided for two semesters which helps in creating confidence for handling lab work independently. The pass out students are working successfully at various hospitals and labs. Some are running their own labs.
1 Smt. Jaswinderpal Kaur Senior. Lecturer M.Sc., M. Phil (Microbiology)
2 Smt. Kanwaljeet Chahal Lecturer M.Sc., (Microbiology)
3 Smt. Raminder Kaur Lecturer Ph.D. (Biotechnology),M.Sc., Microbiology), Pursuing M.Sc. MTL
4 Smt. Sheetal Abroll Lecturer M.Sc.-(Microluolozy)
Architecture Assistantship

We are running a three-year diploma course in Architectural Assistantship. This is a complete course in itself and has a well-planned curriculum, which incorporates all the aspects of building construction, starting from rough sketch stage on papers to the final execution of work on site. It also teaches as to how to maintain the buildings.

The course is practical-oriented. The stress is laid on solving practical problems and supporting theory is also taught in the classrooms. The main emphasis is laid on drafting, architectural planning, building construction etc.

Information technology and computer-aid drafting has also been recently introduced in the curriculum to enable the students to cope with the changing trends and globalization.

The diploma course provides the students with the facility of learning in:

  • Drawing Studios
  • Surveying Lab.
  • Building Material Museum
Students can handle all types of drawing like presentation, working and conceptual drawing etc. They can also make study models and detailed models. They can prepare perspectives and render it in various mediums like water colour, pencil colour or poster colour.
After successfully completing diploma course from here, students get absorbed in various development organizations like Railways, Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority, Housing and Urban Development Corporation of India and various other corporations. They can join private practicing architects and after a few years of experience, they can open their own consultancy and start a good profitable business.
1 Sh. Yashpal Singh Pathania Senior Lecturer B. Arch.
2 Smt. Poonam Mann  Lecturer B. Arch.
3 Smt. Jaideep Kaur  Lecturer M. Tech.
4 Smt. Meena Sharma  Lecturer M.A. Fine Arts.
Computer Engineering

The computer deptt. of the college prepares the students to meet the latest developments and inventions in the field of computer science. The college has a well equipped computer lab that caters to the needs of all the departments. The computer centre has Broadband connection. It has the latest software like circuit maker, Windows 98, Office 98, Windows NT, Visual FoxPro, Oracle, Corel Draw, Tutorial Software on subjects like Internet, E-mail and so on. It also has the latest hardware like Servers, Pentium, PC nodes, Laser Printers, DeskJet Printers, DMP Plotters, Scanner, Digitizer, CD Writer etc.

All the systems in the lab are on local area network (LAN) which are connected through Internet. After getting computer education, students can do work in the fields of programming as computer technicians, computer instructors, Internet professionals etc.

1 S. Naresh kumar Senior Lecturer
2 Ms. Navpreet Lecture
3 Miss Sumanpreet Kaur Lecture
4 Davinder Singh Bhati System Manager
Applied Sciences :
The Deptt. of Applied Sciences enables the students to equip themselves with the basic and fundamental aspects of science and technology. Every effort is made to inculcate the scientific temperament in the students. The students are introduced to physical concepts and chemically related aspects of engineering and technology with a mathematical approach. The communication skills of the students are also developed by this deptt., which helps them a great deal in their career. This Department has following well equipped and advanced laboratories : Physics Lab., Chemistry Lab. & Communication Lab. The students perform the experimental work of the concerned subjects in these labs. The Department has well qualified and experienced faculty and supporting staff.
1 Ms. Sandeep Kaur HOD M.Sc. Math
2 Ms. Rajwant Kaur Lecturer M.Sc. Chem. Phd
3 Mr. Inderjit Singh Lecturer M.A. English, M. Phil
4 Mr. Bhupinder Singh Lecturer M.Sc. Physics, M Phil
5 Ms. Simarjit Kaur Lecturer M.Sc. Chem.
Industry Institute Interaction

In the fast changing scenario of stiff competition and rapid globalization, there is an urgent need for a healthy interaction between industry and institute. For this purpose, an industry-institute interaction cell has been created. It works towards acquainting the students with industrial know-how and its working. It also encourages the students to work with their hands, to learn to some extent the skills involved in their branch of learning and to get a first hand knowledge of their duties.

To have contact and feedback, the institute has signed M.O. U. with various organizations :

  • Nijjar Lab & Diagnostic Centre, 51 II, Court Road, Amritsar
  • G.S. Diagnostic Centre, Katra Suffaid, Amritsar
  • Rana Diagnostic Private Limited, 32-A, Ajit Nagar, Amritsar
  • Nayyar Heart Institute, 3-Dasondha Singh Road, Amritsar
  • Advanced Computerised Lab, Near Nagar Panchayat Office, Rayya.
  • Bharat Lab, Amritsar
  • Puri Laboratories, OFF. Eye/ENT Hospital, Amritsar
  • Perfect Clinical Lab, 92-Sahibjada Jujar Singh Avenue, Gumtala Link Road, Amritsar
  • Kapoor Nursing & Maternity Home, Tilak Nagar, Shivala Bhaian, Amritsar
  • Civil Hospital, Jalandhar.
  • Navpreet Nursing Home, OFF. Thums Up Factory, C.T. Road, Chheherta, Amritsar
  • S.B. Dr. Sohan Singh Eye Hospital, Katra Sher Singh, Amritsar
  • Rishi Clinical Computerised Lab, Near Bhaba High School, Cali No.1, Gopal Nagar, Amritsar
  • J.V. Power Systems, 8-9, Fairland Colony, Fatehgarh Churian Road, Amritsar
  • Prolink Softwares, SCF-49, Kabir Park, OFF. C.N.D.U., Amritsar
  • Adonis Elctronics Pvt. Ltd., OFF. Sant Footwares, Queen's Road, Amritsar
  • Computer Shoppe, S-3, G.N.D.D. Shopping Complex, Amritsar
  • G.D. Sitara Electronics, 8-Queen's Road, Amritsar
  • G.S. Electricals, Katra Sher Singh, Amritsar
  • Emtron Poweronics, Queen's Road, Amritsar
  • Alfa Electronics, Opp. Kedar Nath Mandir, Gali No. I, Azad Nagar, Amritsar
  • Parkash Electronics, 196-Meena Bazar, Cooper Road, Amritsar
  • Info-tech 2000, SCO-5, Distt. Shopping Complex, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar
  • Akash Finance & Chit Fund Co. Pvt. Ltd., Amritsar
  • IDEA, Cooper Road, Amritsa
  • AMI International, Shop No.3, G.N.D.D. Complex, Amritsar
  • Sujata Engg. Corporation, Amritsar
  • Kwality Enterprises, 17/4, Kennedy Avenue, Amritsar
  • Design Plus, 378, Majitha Complex, 2nd Floor, M.M. Malviya Road, Amritsar
  • Noble Architects, Inside Sheran Wala Gate, Amritsar
  • Ahluwalia & Associate, 16-A, Rose Avenue, Amritsar
  • Architect A. Sharma & Associate, 823/3, Prem Nagar, Ludhiana.
  • Sartaj Architects, Lakkar Mandi, Batala
  • Architect Ishpal Singh, S.e.F. 51, Kabir Park, Amritsar
  • J.V.C. Electronics, Ram Tirath Road, Amritsar

In the near future, the college proposes to set up a consultancy cell regarding preparation of detailed drawing of houses/factories, evaluation, estimation of movable/immovable properties, structural design of steel structures, job work, computer department, computer programming etc. Clinical test for blood, urine etc. by MLT department are also proposed.
The purpose behind the consultancy is to generate revenue and to keep the faculty and students in touch with latest technical know-how to provide practical base in the institute itself.

Entrepreneurship Development Programmes Cell (EPDS)

EDPS are organized to promote entrepreneurship amongst diploma holders so as to enable them to make effective contribution to the economic development of the country by setting up their own small scale enterprises and generate additional employment. From time to time, EDPS were organised to provide necessary awareness and motivation to students for promoting self-employment and alternatives to wage-employment.

Community Polytechnic

In the year 2001-2002, Community Polytechnic Wing was started where various short term courses have been offered for the rural and needy students who cannot go in for higher studies.

These courses are:

  • Hand and Machine Embroidery
  • Beautician Course
  • Designing Course
  • Computer Operator Course
  • Electrician Course
Library is a very important component of any institute. It is a window to the outside world. The institute has a rich library having books and journals related to Computer Science Engineering, Architecture, Electronics & Communication Engg., Medical Lab Technology, Modern Office Practice, English, physics, Chemistry, Mathematics subjects. It also has books related with GK, Dictionaries, Encyclopedia
  1. Area of library 5000sq feet
  2. Books
    • Book banks = 2300
    • Library books = 9000
    • Total books = 11300
  3. News paper = 09
  4. Employment news = 01
  5. Magazines & Journals = 12
  6. Xerox facility = 01 Photo Copier
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